Palm Harbor condosPalm Harbor condos, townhouses and villas cover almost the entire spectrum for non-beachfront properties.

You can find Palm Harbor condos, townhouses and villas on a golf course.  There are older complexes, newer complexes, 55+ complexes and just about anything you could ask for.

Palm Harbor is divided almost in half with Lake Tarpon in the middle.  The part of Palm Harbor that is on the east side of the lake is known as East Lake (wonder how they came up with that name?) which is generally newer construction than the other side of Palm Harbor.  But there are a few newer complexes and condo conversions in the part of Palm Harbor on the west side of the lake.

Palm Harbor neighborhoods are generally upscale and Palm Harbor has some of the best rated schools in the area.

If you want to see the currently available Palm Harbor condos, townhouses and villas you can look below or if you want to be able to search just for ones in your price range or that meet your criteria you can head over to the MLS Search page or click on the Full MLS or By City Search to the right.

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