Bern’s Steak House is one of the most famous restaurants in Tampa. It has been around since 1956 and has hosted nearly every President that has visited the Tampa area.

In July 2013, it was included in an article on Yahoo Finance as one of the top 5 steak restaurants in the U.S.

They serve high-quality steaks with hand-grown vegetables and have a wine cellar with over half a million bottles of wine.

Their dessert room is made up of separate booths made from old wine casks and is not only a neat place to eat dessert or have an after-dinner coffee or drink, the desserts are pretty good too.

One thing I should prepare you for (unless they’ve changed this since I was last there) – when you enter and go to the bar area to wait for a table you’ll feel like you’re in an old-time brothel with the bright red velvet walls. Don’t let it scare you away because the food is amazing.

Check them out at the Bern’s website.