BoiZao and Texas de Brazil are Brazilian Steakhouses and if you’ve never been to one you’re in for a treat.

Both have a huge salad bar with a very nice selection which is a great way to start your meal. BoiZao seemed larger but Texas de Brazil had a different selection with some interesting choices I didn’t see at BoiZao.

When you’re ready for some meat you’re given a disc that is green on one side and red on the other. When you want a waiter to come around with some meat you turn the disc onto the green side.

The waiters are dressed in Gaucho clothes and bring around skewers with lamb, filets, chicken breasts wrapped with bacon, different types of steaks, etc. and will slice off a portion the size you want. If you don’t want the type of meat one waiter brings you just wait until the next one comes with something different. It’s great because you have can a variety of meats and as much or as little as you want of each one. At BoiZao you’ll also get side dishes and the fried bananas are a favorite. I don’t remember what the side dishes were at Texas de Brazil.

Oh, BoiZao also has some amazing desserts like tiramisu and a great mango shake.

Check out BoiZao’s website and Texas de Brazil’s website. They are both close to International Plaza by the Tampa airport. P.S. – if you sign up for BoiZao’s email list they will regularly send you discount coupons.