Nearly everyone knows someone who is either struggling under the weight of an unaffordable mortgage or has stopped paying their mortgage and is facing foreclosure – and most of these people don’t know that there are 10 possible solutions to their problem.

Over 70% of homeowners who have been foreclosed on never even listed their property for sale to attempt to avoid foreclosure and many foreclosures can be avoided. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t know what to do and would like help but aren’t sure whether anything can be done or where to turn for help.

As a Certified Distressed Property Expert® I have extensive training on the different alternatives to foreclosure and how to assist homeowners in trouble to determine which ones they might qualify for.  It is my job to help people in this type of situation try to find a solution to their problem whether or not they end up using me to sell their home or condo.

If you or someone you know in the Tampa Bay area is in danger of losing their home to foreclosure, please let them know that there is someone who can help!  Have them call me at 727-687-1160 or sent them to the website I set up to provide information about this:

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