Mobile MLS Search App

MLS mobile app Mobile MLS Search App
You can now search Clearwater, Clearwater Beach, Dunedin or any area covered by our local MLS both for homes, condos and townhouses for sale and those that have sold using your iPhone or Android mobile phone (does not do searches for rentals).

This is free to use and it has many features you will find useful.

You will be able to do a map search and when you are in a location you can search for nearby listings.  You can also search by address or put in criteria and search based on that.

It is almost as complete as the search tool on this site and if you have used that you will see it looks very much the same.

Once you register and are logged in, you can even save ones you like as favorites with the ability to pull them up later when you want to look at them again.

To get this onto your phone you will need to open your Internet browser and go to  and then you will be able to download the app to your phone.

If you want to make this into an ‘app’ that you can use from the homescreen of an iPhone – you would just Add to Home Screen (if your iPhone has the same screen as this one you’d click the + at the bottom and a menu will come up with “Add to Home Screen” as an option – on my iPhone there is no plus, it is a box with an arrow coming out of it that brings up that menu).  For other smartphones you’ll need to find out how you would do this procedure for your particular phone.

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