With the change in the market (continuing strong sales and very low inventory) I’ve found that the exceptional deals generally sell very quickly. I found one for a client the other week the day it came on the market and I told him I thought it would go fast. He said he’d show the listing to his wife that night and get back to me in the morning. By the next morning it was already showing as being under contract.

Until we see a more adequate level of inventory I won’t be adding listings to this page because the truly exceptional deals won’t last long enough to make this page be of any benefit to you.

However, here are my tips for how to get the best deals you can at this time:

1. Have all the financing aspects for your purchase in shape and ready to go.

2. Know what locations you want and what you want in a house (or condo or townhouse) and know your price range.

3. Get me to set up a special search for you that will send you listings instantly as they are added to, revised in or come back on the market in the MLS.

4. Contact me as soon as you see something that you think you should act on and be ready to act.

5. Use an alternative strategy by having me set up an MLS search for the type of property you want up to and a little bit above the top of your price range for listings that say “motivated seller” in the listing.

6. Use another alternative strategy by having me set up an MLS search for properties that have not had a price drop in 60 days (meaning we might catch them just before they drop the price again.

7. Make sure you know what a good deal is so you can recognize one when it comes up by discussing this with me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a client look at a listing and I tell them it is a good deal and they should act and then they hesitate too long and are upset they missed out.

These points are the best advice I can give you to follow at this time. In this current market, even looking for short sales and foreclosures as being the great deals doesn’t work like it did previously because banks are getting near market value on these types of properties too.

So be prepared and know what you’re doing, and don’t hesitate to ask me for help