Ozona homesOzona is a small community enclosed in Palm Harbor that has an unusual variety of styles, but there aren’t a lot of Ozona homes for sale at any one time.

You will find some quaint, older small homes as well as ones with unusual architecture like the one on the left.  There are also a few streets that are on the water and you will find some beautiful, big homes with great waterviews along those streets.

You might want to drive through the area to get a feel for it to see if it’s an area you’d want to consider.  It may not have been one that you had even thought about looking at because you don’t hear about it much, but I wouldn’t write it off that easily.

To see the Ozona homes currently listed for sale (when there are any) you can look below. You can adjust the criteria to fit what you want by going to the Search tab. If you want to do an search for homes available in any other areas look for the city’s name in the sidebar to the right. If you haven’t already registered on this site you will be asked at some point to register in order to continue searching or viewing property details. (When nothing is coming up in Ozona the map will fill in with listings from other cities after it determines there are none in Ozona.)