Ozona Homes

Ozona homes 300x228 Ozona Homes Ozona is a small community enclosed in Palm Harbor that has an unusual variety of styles, but there aren’t a lot of Ozona homes for sale at any one time.

You will find some quaint, older small homes as well as ones with unusual architecture like the one on the left.  There are also a few streets that are on the water and you will find some beautiful, big homes with great waterviews along those streets.

You might want to drive through the area to get a feel for it to see if it’s an area you’d want to consider.  It may not have been one that you had even thought about looking at because you don’t hear about it much, but I wouldn’t write it off that easily.

To see the Ozona homes currently listed for sale (when there are any) you can look below or will need to go into the MLS search page to see if you can find what you’re looking for by entering Ozona for the location, or if nothing comes up then put in Ozona Shores for the community.

Go to MLS Search to Find Ozona Homes

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