Madeira Beach homesYou won’t find many Madeira Beach homes right on the beach. Most are on the side streets but many of them are on the ‘finger’ streets that just out into the Intracoastal and a lot of those are waterfront with water access.

Madeira beach is about halfway down the strip of beaches and at the south end you’ll find the popular John’s Pass with it’s restaurants, shops and cruise boats.  If you haven’t been there should make sure to visit it at some point because it is a pretty interesting area.

The nice thing about Madeira Beach homes is that you can find nice waterfront homes priced better than some in the other beach communities.  They may not be as extravagant as some you’ll find in the other areas but having waterfront where you can put your boat at a more reasonable price does have a value.

As with most waterfront homes you will need to get flood insurance so you’ll have to be prepared for that and the maintenance is a little higher since the saltwater does cause the exterior of homes to deteriorate faster.  These are things you’ll need to take into consideration in any waterfront area but it is important that you think of them.

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Madeira Beach Homes Currently Listed For Sale