Clearwater Beach condosThere are really 3 areas for buying Clearwater Beach condos.  The ones on Clearwater Beach proper, the condos on Island Estates and the ones on the section of Clearwater Beach known as Sand Key.  There are also townhouse complexes in all 3 areas, many on the water and several with boat slips that come with the townhouse.

There are a few condo complexes on Clearwater Beach proper and one has some nice views of the Gulf.

Island Estates is a very nice area just a short distance from the beach area and is a community of condo complexes, townhouse complexes and houses with its own shopping center, gas station, bank, etc.  Many of the complexes are right on the Intracoastal with a view of the north end of Clearwater Beach across the water.

Sand Key is the only beach area here that has a Miami Beach feel to it.  Not the wildness but there is a long stretch with highrise condos like ones you would see if you drive along Miami Beach.  There are condos on both sides of Gulf Blvd. but the ones on the beach side have great views of the Gulf and all you have to do is go down in an elevator and you’re on the beach.  Most of the townhouse complexes in the Sand Key area are on the opposite side of the street from the beach.

Below are Clearwater Beach condos and townhouses currently for sale.  You can adjust the criteria to fit what you want by going to the Search tab. If you want to do a search for condos available in any other areas look for the city’s name in the sidebar to the right. If you haven’t already registered on this site you will be asked at some point to register in order to continue searching or viewing property details.

You’re also welcome to visit my site that is dedicated specifically to Clearwater Beach Condos which has even more information on that area and what you can buy (and how best to sell) there.

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