Belleair Beach Condos

Belleair Beach condos1 150x150 Belleair Beach Condos Belleair Beach condos are not easy to find because there are only about 4-5 condo complexes there, but they are all located on the beach.  There are almost no townhouses (I think only 2 have sold in the last 8 years).

The main selling feature is being on the white, sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico and in some cases a great view west over the Gulf.

Typically if you’re looking to buy something in Belleair Beach you’ll be looking at homes because it isn’t often you’ll find a condo for sale.  In fact, at the time I wrote this there was only one currently for sale and there have only been 1 Belleair Beach condo sold each of the last 2 years (and only 2 other listings in the last 2 years besides the ones that sold).

You can see the few Belleair Beach condos that are available now below and if you want to see if there are any condos in other nearby areas or beach communities that meet your criteria or price range click on this MLS search link or the Full MLS or By City Search (just remember to enter city or cities you want to search in one at a time for Location and check Condos or Townhouses depending on which you want to find).


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